Apple with iPhone users, for battery health

This Wednesday, Britain’s competition supervisor said Apple Inc. has pledged to be “the clearest and most advanced” with iPhone users for health and battery performance, as the regulator reviewed consumer concerns on the issue.

The Competition Authority and the Markets said it raised consumer law concerns with the technology company last year after finding people who were not being warned clearly that their phone’s performance could slow down after a new 2017 program designed to manage battery requirements.

The iPhone creator was previously under surveillance after saying in 2017 that the software to deal with old-fashioned batteries in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6, and iPhone SE models may slow down performance. The company later apologized and lowered the battery replacement price for the affected models at $ 29 for $ 79.

“CMA was worried that people might have tried to repair or replace their phone because they were unaware that the software update had caused the phone to slow down,” she said, adding that people were unable to find easy information about the battery health of their phone, “which may degrade over time.”

Since CMA raised its concerns, Apple had begun to be more upfront with iPhone users, the regulator said.

Apple was fined by Italy’s anti-trust watcher in October last year for failing to provide customers with clear information about how to keep or replace batteries after complaints that the company used software updates to slowing down their cell phones./

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