ARM complying with new U.S. rules on Huawei

This Wednesday, the UK-based ARM chip maker said it was consistent with a move by the United States to block China’s Huawei from entering US technology.

Huawei, along with Apple and chipmakers like Qualcomm, uses ARM schemes to design processors that boost its smartphones. It also licenses graphic technology from the Cambridge-based company.

An ARM spokesman in a statement said that “the ARM is implementing all the latest US-designated regulations”. “No further comment at this time.”

Last week, the United States blocked Huawei from buying US goods, endangering Google‘s links to the Android operating system and services like Gmail and Google Maps, as well as hardware partners like ARM.

He temporarily suspended restrictions on Huawei on Tuesday, giving her a license to buy US goods by August 19, which means that Google app updates may continue until then.

While the BBC announced on Wednesday that ARM, which is owned by Japan’s Softbank, has instructed its employees to stop “all active contracts, support rights, and any pending engagement” with Huawei after the United States added Huawei to a list of companies with which US firms could not do business.

ARM said in an internal company memo that its designs contained technology of American origin.

According to staff, they were not allowed to “offer support, distribution technology (whether software, code, or other updates), engage in technical discussions, or discuss technical issues” with Huawei, according to the BBC’s first memorandum.

Huawei’s international partners are moving to distance themselves from the Chinese company until there is clarity about its relationship with US technology partners that provide applications and services that are crucial to consumers.

The UK’s largest mobile operator EE said on Tuesday it had dropped a Huawei smartphone from the launch of its 5G network next week./

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